Enough with Trump


The media outlets, print or otherwise, have been obsessed with Donald Trump from the first day of his campaign. In the beginning it was pure curiosity. With time, this curiosity was replaced with incredulity, outrage, and, finally, with a pure shock of his election as the 45th President of the US. However, this relentless focus on Donald Trump throughout the primaries and the general election resulted in this simple truth: the media helped the candidacy of Donald Trump. They did it by keeping him in front of the voters at the expense of all other candidates. Donald Trump used media outlets’ greed for ratings expertly. At times it seemed as if they were not even aware of it.

This continues even today. We are told of every Trump’s tweet, every change in the tone of his denial of the intelligence community’s conclusions about the influence of Russia in the US presidential election, or his every dismissal of obvious truths. It is suffocating. There is nothing interesting to read about in the news media outlets anymore. Trump, Trump, Trump is all we hear or read. I don’t listen to the news anymore. I can’t. There is nothing there. The media news outlets should realize that they are more obsessed with Trump than most of the population is.

Donald Trump thrives on attention. This is the air that he needs to breathe to support his boundless ego. If the media would just stop reporting on his every musing, a tweet or otherwise, I believe that he would soon thereafter turn to the governance and policy making/execution processes, instead of focusing on entertaining, shocking, and provoking. They should give him a chance to govern, rather than keep inciting him to invent new ways for staying on the forefront of news coverage. For the good of the country. For the good of the world.

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