The Power of Music


Last night I watched “August Rush,” a movie about the power of music. The movie itself was a disappointing flop. The director managed to turn a beautiful premise and a decent beginning into a cheap, Hollywood-style ending, whose insistence on the obvious, the explicit, the romantic, and the theatrical hurt every cell of my brain. Someone should give a re-make of this movie to any Spanish director.

However, the main message of the movie was beautiful: music is the force that moves the soul, that unites us, that makes us human, that brings forth the best in us. As various sounds of life punctuated almost every scene in the movie, I could not help but think of a symphonic orchestra as a metaphor for the best that humanity can offer, as a vision for the future of the world: an emerging glorious harmony that lifts every being into something higher than itself/herself/himself, brought together with a synchronized contribution of every individual instrument, with its different pitch, timbre, harmonics, loudness, and rhythm.

Think of instruments as nations, people, whatever. Every component of the whole is different and needed exactly because it is different. Varying sounds are needed for the symphony, for the beauty. Different cultures, races, genders, experiences, religions, sexual orientations, the colors of hair, the shapes, the heights, the biological forms, the minerals, whatever, all of them are needed for the beauty of the future that we will jointly create. Each individual contribution needed for the final rhapsody. You are not better than me. I am not better than you. We are both indispensable. Treat me as such. As I should treat you.

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