A Song


A night
Beautiful and peaceful
With shy clouds, pretending wind, and hesitant rain
Punctuated with laughter, cigar puffs, and quiet conversation
Among family and friends
In the backyard
Distinguished by the fountain
The sound of water contesting our voices
Caressed by the music from our homeland.

With the moon past its prime
We decided to part
And with others already gone
While turning off the music
A sound like no other 
Filled the air
Stopped me
In the middle of the movement
Unable to detach
Or think
Or comprehend
Just the feeling
And filled 
The soul
With sorrow

The lyrics spoke of wind
And trees by the shore
That obeyed the will
Of the wind
As the lover 
Waited for his love
To come to
His grave
While the music
Longing and wilting
Shimmering and soughing
With a guitar and a violin
At the source
Enveloped the words
Carrying them
To my heart.

The song passed through the air
And the mind
On its way to eternity
And nothingness
Long before my senses
Realized it.
And then
In the moment of utter despair
Wishing to recreate
The fleeting sensation
Of passed wrongs
Needing to be corrected
I pushed the button
To repeat
And again
Many times
Still frozen
In time
And place
Hours later
I realized
What is done
Is done.

Have I learned anything?

The song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrC3t_mnzGc

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